Enjoy RAYL.Video, a new Video Conferencing tool as part of your RAYL.ApptivePro subscription.
Are you a RAYL.ApptivePro subscriber?
RAYL is deploying 5 new modules on January 31, 2022. You will be receiving a permanent upgrade to your active RAYL.ApptivePro subscription. RAYL.Video will be included as part of the product bundle. RAYL.Video allows up to 25 concurrent participants on each RAYL.Video call.
Are you a RAYL.Apptive subscriber?
Upgrade your subscription to RAYL.ApptivePro for an additional $40.00 / month and receive more amazing productivity tools, including the RAYL.Video module.

To upgrade, go to your Affiliate Backoffice and select the 'Purchase Subscription' button to start.
What will you get in your RAYL.ApptivePro package?
Are you a coach, trainer, educator, instructor, a manager or an HR specialist? Share knowledge, implement Community learning or make onboarding of employees fast, simple, easy and fun!
Amazon Connector
Synchronize the orders you get on Amazon with the data in your other modules. No need to copy sales data from Amazon to RAYL.Apptive - the Amazon Connector automatically fills the sales order with the relevant information.
My Appointments
Tired of calling or e-mailing to set the appointments? From now on, your clients can schedule appointments for themselves at their convenience straight into your RAYL Calendar module. You'll only need to give them the time-slots, when you are available.
Social Media Manager
Manage your social media presence from a single dashboard! Create and share content, track reach and engagement and measure the revenue you generate.
Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing workflows! Personalize your marketing communication to meet specific segment needs! Identify prospects and turn them into customers with your Marketing Automation tool.
Still think we should give RAYL.ApptivePro users something more?
On top of the 20 modules, take advantage of the FREE directory listing on RAYL.Market!
Promote your products and services directly to your fellow RAYL community members through RAYL's Leadshare application!
What is my commitment?
No commitment! Cancel any time! Our RAYL Ambassadors are at your service to explain the benefits you will enjoy as a RAYL.ApptivePro subscriber - for just $59.95 / month!
Where do I learn more about RAYL.Apptive Pro tools?
Subscribe to RAYL.ApptivePro and start improving the productivity of your business today!
  • Terms and Conditions: This offer is available until 17.00 PST on 31st January 2022.