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RAYL is a business solutions ecosystem that provides you with the opportunity to increase productivity, streamline processes and get connect with like-minded RAYL community members. We help you digitally transform your internal processes and the way you interact with your business partners and prospects.

We equip you with all you need to achieve more with less resources! Be a solopreneur or an SME, we have great things for you!
If you are on the Free or Basic plan in RAYL.Market…

Take advantage of the Premium Plus listing by subscribing to RAYL.ApptivePro for $59.95 / month. You will gain access to 20 amazing productivity tools that include the 6 newly released modules including the RAYL.Video module.

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To upgrade, either go to RAYL.com to sign up, or contact your Affiliate or Advisor, who endorsed you and ask for your upgrade!


If you are on the Premium, plan in RAYL.Market…
Your enhanced profile as a Tier 1 Premium Plus member in RAYL.Market enables you make new contacts in the RAYL Business Network (RBN) and provides great additional benefits.

To upgrade contact your Affiliate or Advisor, who endorsed you and ask for your upgrade or manually upgrade through your RAYL.Apptive Backoffice!
In addition to the 14 productivity tools and RAYL.Video what will you get in your RAYL.Apptive Pro package?
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Are you a coach, trainer, educator, instructor, a manager or an HR specialist? Share knowledge, implement Community learning or make onboarding of employees fast, simple, easy and fun!
Amazon Connector
Synchronize the orders you get on Amazon with the data in your other modules. No need to copy sales data from Amazon to RAYL.Apptive - the Amazon Connector automatically fills the sales order with the relevant information.
My Appointments
Tired of calling or e-mailing to set the appointments? From now on, your clients can schedule appointments for themselves at their convenience straight into your RAYL Calendar module. You'll only need to give them the time-slots, when you are available.
Social Media Manager
Manage your social media presence from a single dashboard! Create and share content, track reach and engagement and measure the revenue you generate.
Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing workflows! Personalize your marketing communication to meet specific segment needs! Identify prospects and turn them into customers with your Marketing Automation tool.
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As the world goes digital, we want to support you by keeping pace with change!

The amazing interoperable productivity tools of RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.Apptive Pro and the Premium Plus listing open whole new opportunities! Choose to interact in your business and with the world in a different way. Your competitors might already be doing so!

Act now! Be ahead of the curve!
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Our RAYL Affiliates and Advisors are at your service to explain the benefits you will enjoy as a RAYL.Apptive Pro subscriber - for just $59.95 / month!

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Subscribe to RAYL.Apptive Pro! Upgrade to Premium Plus membership on RAYL.Market!

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