RAYL Innovations Inc is positioned to become a global leader in Integrated Financial, Payment and Business Solutions platforms.

Key Investment Highlights

  • RAYL Innovations is a payment processing company reinventing the category with an integrated 3-point go-to-market strategy.
    • Payment Processing - RAYL.Pay to be launched Q4-2021
    • Business Solutions - RAYL.Apptive/Pro have launched Q2-2021
    • Financial Lending - RAYL.Financial to be launched H1-2022
  • Multiple revenue streams from subscriptions, fees and interest
  • Cost+Zero payment processing and ZeroDelay funding of capital
  • Unrivaled customer lifetime value
  • Vision to go public on TSXv Q4 2021
  • Proven management and board

Message From CEO

Nicholas smiling in dress shirt

Nicholas Jeffery

Director, President,
Chief executive officer

RAYL is a payment processing company, through and through. On its own, RAYL.Pay is an extremely valuable prospect for investors to consider. All we need to do is look at the typical competitors in the Pay Processing space to see why.

By offering RAYL.Apptive to merchants, we provide a complete suite of applications and services simplifying their administrative burden, while creating a deeper relationship to RAYL and a seamless data integration to RAYL.Pay.

Since Day 1, we’ve envisioned an Immediate Funding strategy that contemplated having a funding partner that would profit share on merchant remittances.

By incorporating our own RAYL.Financial initiative on top of the dual strategy of RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.Pay, we control our own terms, approvals and destiny; and, by in-sourcing the lending partner to ourselves, we improve our profitability while adding a strong barrier to entry as a stabile, 3-point go-to-market strategy.

So, now we’ve taken the concept of a Payfare, Stripe, or Square and increased customer retention with a dramatically improved customer lifetime value and a significant opportunity to improve financial performance well beyond current industry standards.

Capital Structure

(as of September 28, 2021)
Issued & Outstanding Common Shares: 34,292,343

Options: 3,125,000

Warrants: 200,000
Full Diluted (Pre-Money): 37,617,343

Stock Information

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