RAYL Innovations Inc. is positioned to become a global leader in integrated Financial, Payment and Business Solutions platforms by providing unparalleled value to solopreneurs, micro merchants and SMEs in Canada and Globally.
What is the outlook in the electronic payment markets?
2.1 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of Mobile POS payments by 2023.*

6.7 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of Digital payments by 2023.*

6.5 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of eCommerce payments by 2023.†

Some 420 billion transactions worth $7 trillion are anticipated to switch from cash to cards and digital payments by 2023, rising to US$48 trillion by 2030, according to November 2021 research by Accenture. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up the shift to digital payments “at a pace banks could not have predicted,” Sulabh Agarwal, who leads Accenture’s payments practice globally, said in a company statement.º

Source: * † º
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Payment processing and busioness management re-invented with a unique 3-cornered, integrated and interoperable strategy to provide value to the fragmented SMEs in business management.

RAYL thinks Ecosystem.
Investment highlights
RAYL.Apptive Pro by RAYL Business Solutions. An integrated, interoperable ERP system for SMEs and micro merchants.
Financial solutions (RAYL.Pay, RAYL.Financial)
RAYL.Apptive Pro by RAYL Business Solutions. An integrated, interoperable ERP system for SMEs and micro merchants.
Software-as-a-Service Business Solution (The cloud-based RAYL SuperApp, an ERP system designed for SMEs that comes in two product bundles: RAYL.Apptive, RAYL.ApptivePro)
RAYL.Apptive Pro by RAYL Business Solutions. An integrated, interoperable ERP system for SMEs and micro merchants.
Community solutions (RAYL.Community) connecting the fragmented solopreneur, micro merchant and SME markets globally to grow business.
Investment highlights
Be part of the RAYL investor community of those private and corporate investors, who levy their trust in the RAYL Innovations Team!

We, the privileged and highly motivated RAYL Team, have already brought to market products and services, which facilitate the digital transformation of our user community. We have already provided our subscribers/members with the RAYL SuperApp, which help them lower the cost of doing business by managing their business online. We have commissioned RAYL.Market, RAYL Business Network, and RAYL.Chat to make our users experience how to interact embracing digital and how the RAYL Community can help them grow their business.

We already have a loyal subscriber/member base.

We'll not stop here! We are going to launch RAYL.Pay and RAYL.Financial and continue with product innovation and personalization to keep providing superior value for the SME communities in Canada and globally!
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The Go-To-Market Plan
CEO’s message
Nicholas Jeffery / Director, President & CEO

RAYL is an exciting proposition for you regardless of whether you are looking for apure Investment opportunity or exploring software platforms to guide you through digital transformation as a result of our changing business environment.

RAYL is a payment processing company, through and through. On its own, RAYL.Pay is an extremely valuable prospect for investors to consider. All we need to do is look at the typical competitors in the Payment Processing space to see why.

By incorporating our own platforms of RAYL.Pay and RAYL.Financial we can arm you with massive amounts of data to help improve your bottom line and generate more awareness and sales for your business. 

By creating RAYL.Apptive/Pro the productivity SuperApp to merchants, we provide a complete suite of applications and services simplifying your administrative back end and creating a catalyst for your sales and marketing. The RAYL.Apptive suite is a secure, cloud-based, robust, “anywhere access”, 24/7. It is an ERP system for SMEs.

From the user standpoint, RAYL has created a complete, enterprise-class business suite, all on one interoperable platform. It aims to support in the digital transformation of the way of doing business by SMEs and micromerchants. And from the investor perspective, we plan to increase customer retention with a dramatically improved customer lifetime value and a significant opportunity to improve financial performance well beyond current industry standards.

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