Volume 1, Issue 1 / January 12, 2022

Great things on the Horizon - Welcome 2022

New Year’s message from Nicholas Jeffery, CEO, RAYL Innovations
The last 24 months have changed everything. For businesses. For leaders. For employees. And the dust has still not settled, as we see more and more variants of CoVid come to light, but one fact becomes clear: The power base has shifted. From organizations to people. From profit to mutual prosperity. From "me" to "we." Employees are now starting to ask human questions about the work they perform. Why am I doing this? What is it for? How can we do it better? The circus of being in and out of lockdown has changed the landscape for individuals and corporations large and small across the planet. Some companies have thrived during CoVid, offering the right products and services at the right time, but the majority have suffered, and specific sectors are struggling to keep their heads above water. Key drivers are emerging. Businesses have to embrace the digital economy at a pace that they necessarily feel comfortable. The focus on margin with potentially lower top-line revenues is critical, and the use of big data to drive decisions in every aspect of our business, sales, and marketing operationally or financial stewardship is vital. As CEO of RAYL, I have experienced this every day, at first hand, having started the journey with RAYL in March 2020, just as Covid was taking hold. We have had no option but to embrace the pivot, accelerate our "Digital First" strategy, and be more and more stringent with expenditures and scrutiny of the Return On Investment.
But the journey (with all its bumps along the way) has created a better, more relevant product. We have sometimes struggled to convince the market on the benefit to the customer for the Integration of our Super App, RAYL.Apptive and Vision of RAYL.Financial into a perfect trifactor with RAYL.Pay. But the recent Global report by McKinsey appears to validate our strategy. More importantly, you, our customers see the value first hand and switch from market-leading applications to the Interoperable suite of RAYL applications: RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.ApptivePro, which are being launched as we speak. The RAYL Community is buzzing, allowing our customers massive reach to market and sell their product globally, make sure you take advantage of the FREE listing on RAYL.Market to promote their brand. We have launched RAYL.University with an extensive library of quick start guides, explainer videos, and built out our customer support network, so it's easy to embrace the power of the RAYL applications and every module in RAYL.ApptivePro comes with its quick start guides. My and RAYL's dream is to become your Strategic Partner, not just a vendor of products and services. RAYL strives to provide you and your organization a commercial advantage beyond just the solution itself. To that end, we thrive on dialogue, what do you like, don't like, and what you want to see us create for you. The aim of the questionnaire we sent you is to make us able to listen to you: help us to enable us to help you! Give us your feedback digitally or reach out directly. Thank you for your partnership.
Nicholas Jeffery CEO