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We are empowering and helping the SMEs in Canada and Globally to transform the way they manage their business, become more agile, and offer even greater value to their customers.
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Our corporate culture is global. Our teams work from 5 continents. We are connected through the same values and motivated by the sheer opportunity to transform the way our customers do business. We work empowered, embrace creativity, flexibility, and cultural diversity.
Want to be part of this aspirational team?
Note: If the position box is idle or you don't see a relevant position, but you think that as a RAYL Team member you could contribute to creating real value for our subscribers, please drop us a line.
Working in RAYL
It is about Empowerment.

Should you decide to work with us, you will be empowered every day to propel us, the organization forward. You will be expected to challenge the status quo and propose new ways to deliver value for our (internal and external) customers. 

Value driven

We are shared value driven. Respect, service, integrity, and excellence arte the 4 pillars that guide us and keep our teams together. 

It is about you.

You will have the freedom to make your own path. Your career will be in your own hands; RAYL is a catalyst for your personal growth. You just need to be that entrepreneurial someone who pushes the limits. Your success is RAYL’s success.  Want to live it? Join us!
We act with consideration for others’ ideas and share information openly to create trust and encourage collaboration. We expect polite, non confrontational interaction at all levels of the organization.
We are inherently customer-centric. We approach challenges with enthusiasm and diligence. We aim at providing relevant value to everyone in the organisation and in the RAYL Ecosystem.
No one individual, no one deal, no one client is bigger than our commitment to our company and what we stand for.
We focus relentlessly on creating winning outcomes for our stakeholders in RAYL and in the RAYL Ecosystem.
Our Leadership Pillars
Data Driven
Ensures that we make fact-based decisions.

Demonstrates data-driven, non-emotional decision making.

Incredibly good in interpreting data and insights.
execution driven
Views a commitment as sacred, whether internal or external. 

Moves the organization. Gets things done. Executes with speed and efficiency.

Demonstrates strong work ethic.
innovator & problem solver
Able to identify and anticipate trends.

Creative and is constantly looking to reinvent ourselves.

Looks for breakthroughs and pursues them.
subject matter expert
Knows area of expertise inside and out from all parts of the industry (suppliers, competitors, customers, partners, markets).

Has a deep understanding of cost and purchase drivers.
organization leader
Good Communicator & Collaborator. 

Passionate about who we are and what we do.

Transparent truth teller, shares data with others.

Able to attract the very best talent.
business owner
Understands the key business drivers and what needs to happen to drive economics. 

Concerned about inefficiencies and excellent cost-benefit ratio.