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RAYL is on the move. If you have a talent and passion for blazing new trails in FinTech, then RAYL may be the fresh start you’re searching for.

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RAYL’s Employee Advantage

What it feels like to work at RAYL - FREEDOM. You have the freedom to make your own path. Every day, you are empowered (and expected) to propel us forward as an organization, product and brand to keep our competition in the rearview mirror.

Your career is in your own hands; there is no need to wait to be shown the way. Our company is the catalyst for your growth. It’s about how well you perform, not how long you’ve worked. But you’re that entrepreneurial someone who pushes the limits.

Challenge the status quo and propose new ways to deliver our products and services and you are given the license to do so.
RAYL’s corporate ambition and vision give you mobility and a broader choice of opportunities.

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