Save on Every Transaction & Offer More Ways to Receive Payment

Join the Next-Level Payment Processing Platform for Merchants & SME

Offer a simple, secure way for your clients to experience contactless payments with your businesses, while enabling real-time bank-to-bank transfers with all the features & ease of use you expect from a next-level solution.

The latest smart device payment technology turns your smart device into a secure, touchless POS terminal, while also populating RAYL.Apptive with transaction data to be used throughout its application modules.

Leverage your existing merchant account, when you switch to RAYL.

Automate recurring payments & subscriptions with higher fund limits requiring only an email address.

One Powerful Platform

Seamless integration that supports a range of payment types. Efficiently manage transactions, chargebacks, reporting and more, all from a single platform.

Visionary Security

Protect sensitive data with the latest security technologies. We also make it easy to meet PCI DSS requirements and reduce compliance efforts.

Next-Day Funding

Don’t wait for access to your hard-earned money. Support cashflow and operations with our next-day deposits that come with no additional fees.

Dedicated Support

Our locally based, multilingual support team is available 24/7/365 to help with your questions. Speak to a real person, not a machine, whenever you like.

RAYL's Tap technology Instantly transforms smart devices into secure payment terminals

Tap technology is tap-to-phone soft POS payment application that enables a merchant to instantly accept contactless payments using any off-the-shelf mobile device.

RAYL.Pay also enables your
current POS terminal

Integrating contactless & chip-based payments on connected devices

A cloud infrastructure will help terminal vendors reduce their compliance exposure, cut maintenance costs, and get to market faster.

• Terminal- and processor-agnostic payment technology
• Rapidly integrates contact and contactless payment acceptance
• Support for unlimited devices with a single, hosted payment kernel

Secure online checkout fraud prevention current terminal

Eliminating online fraud with superior cardholder verification methods

RAYL.Pay technology integrates card verification methods in traditional "card-not-present" payment environments, delivering superior fraud protection and cost reduction online.

• Enables PIN (CVM) and biometric (CDCVM) EMV verification online
• Secure cloud kernel framework and tokenized infrastructure
• Integrates easily with websites, in-app and third-party systems

Market Trends

2.1 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of Mobile POS payments by 2023.*

6.7 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of Digital payments by 2023.*

6.5 trillion USD

Projected global transaction value of eCommerce payments by 2023.†

Some 420 billion transactions worth $7 trillion are anticipated to switch from cash to cards and digital payments by 2023, rising to US$48 trillion by 2030, according to November research from Accenture. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up the shift to digital payments “at a pace banks could not have predicted,” Sulabh Agarwal, who leads Accenture’s payments practice globally, said in a company statement.º

*  †  º

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