RAYL.Pay by
RAYL.Business Solutions

Join the Next-Level Payment Processing Platform for Merchants & SMEs.

When ready, we’ll offer a simple, secure way to you to provide your clients with contactless payment experience, while enabling real-time bank-to-bank transfers with all the features & ease of use you expect from a next-level solution.
We'll save you time and money!
Leverage your existing merchant account, when you'll switch to RAYL!

Do you already operate a POS terminal?
  • RAYL welcomes all Terminal type and processor arrangements. We are payment technology agnostic!
  • RAYL supports for unlimited devices with a single, hosted payment kernel
We will make sure that RAYL rapidly integrates contact and contactless chip-based payments on connected devices payment acceptance.
New to the payment world?
A cloud infrastructure will help terminal vendors reduce their compliance exposure, cut maintenance costs, and get to market faster.
What will set us apart?  
One Powerful Platform
  • Seamless integration that supports a range of payment types. Efficiently manage transactions, chargebacks, reporting and more, all from a single platform.
Visionary Security
  • Protect sensitive data with the latest security technologies. We also make it easy to meet PCI DSS requirements and reduce compliance efforts. Give reassurance to your customers!
What are the unique product features going to be?   
Cost+Zero Markup

With RAYL, you will pay Cost plus $0 Markup fees. What a massive savings you could achieve on your part.

Same-day Funding

Get paid today for today’s processed payments. Tired of paying the banks to tie up your money for 1-3 business days? Come to RAYL.Pay, when available, and you will be able to control your cash flow.

What will RAYL do for fraud prevention and improved payment security?  

We will eliminate online fraud with superior cardholder verification methods. The RAYL.Pay technology will integrate card verification methods in traditional "card-not-present" payment environments, delivering superior fraud protection and cost reduction online.

We will offer
  • PIN (CVM) and biometric (CDCVM) EMV verification online
  • Secure cloud kernel framework and tokenized infrastructure
  • Integration possibilities easily with websites, in-app and third-party systems