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The RAYL Super Platform puts the power back into merchants’ and SME hands with more unity, intelligence, automation, flexibility, and fairness than ever before.

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The RAYL Super Platform

Small & Medium Business Merchants Gain New Super Powers

Cloud-based RAYL will control your 3 major business functions:

Operations, Payments and Capital.

What makes RAYL superior is that data & intelligence is integrated across the platform in real time, i.e. data is collected in one place but becomes useful in multiple places inside RAYL.

Why would you have anything else, when you can consolidate and unify your data sources and business functions into one intelligent system?

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RAYL Delivers Big Data Value

The value of RAYL data will be comprised of the capture and analysis of customer, purchase, payment, lending, payroll, merchant, trends, seasonality, and user data through one super platform (based on your preferences and permissions and our security protocols).

Once data enters RAYL (via .Pay, .Apptive or .Financial), it is automatically propagated across the platform, populating all relevant modules and apps for immediate consumption to help manage, track & grow the business.


Your Operations Platform

If you’re managing a business, then you need RAYL.Apptive, which powers every facet. Whether you’re working or elsewhere, you always have secure access to your data and all business capabilities are at your fingertips.

Rayl software on devices


Your Payment Platform

RAYL.Pay will provide a simple, secure way to send and receive real-time payments from one bank account to another with all the features and ease you expect.

Automate recurring payments with higher fund limits requiring only an email address.

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POS, Payment Processing

Whether brick and mortar or ecommerce, RAYL.Pay will authorize payments, handle currencies, detect fraud, bill subscriptions and cross-channels, and more.

ZeroDelay Technology

Signup and get approved in a matter of minutes. With RAYL’s proprietary ZeroDelay technology, we will ultimately cut down on your approvals from several days to just minutes. We will also use ZeroDelay for our lending.

Cost+Zero Markup

It’s true. With RAYL, you will pay Cost plus $0 Markup fees. What a massive savings you could achieve on your part. When available, with RAYL.Pay, you will pay only a $19.95 monthly subscription and Cost plus $0 processing fees.

Same-day Funding

Get paid today for today’s processed payments. Tired of paying the banks to tie up your money for 1-3 business days? Come to RAYL.Pay, when available, you will be able to control your cash flow.


Your Business Capital Platform

Our vision is to become our own capital platform, starting with the challenger process, where RAYL.Financial will sit on top of a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Canadian or Global financial institution. Because our merchant partners need more than the best management super app and payment processing solutions, you need custom lending options that empower your cash flow.

RAYL will empower merchants. Borrow according to your business needs, pay interest only on what you use. RAYL.Apptive will help you manage all things financial.

Your Future Lender

Whether you are a full brick and mortar or ecommerce platform, When available, RAYL.Pay will authorize payments, handle currencies, subscriptions and cross-channels, fraud detection, and more.

Fast, Fair, & Flexible Capital

Whether you are an existing business needing a flexible line of credit, a small business loan, or you need startup capital or crowd funding - when launched, RAYL.Financial will be ready to accept your business.

ZeroDelay Technology

When launched, you will be able to sign up and get approved in a matter of minutes. With RAYL’s proprietary ZeroDelay technology, we will cut down your approvals from several days to just minutes.