The Company

RAYL Business Solutions Inc. is innovating incomparable and interoperable FinTech & SaaS solutions for SMEs.
Who are we?

RAYL Innovations Inc, a Vancouver BC (Canada) based FinTech, launched by a group of seasoned, banking and technology professionals from around the world in 2020, aims to reinvent and reinvigorate the merchant payment platform, offer an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) to the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to manage their business online and offer unique opportunities to the users by creating a Community and and Ecosystem for and form its users.

RAYL thinks ecosystem.
Rayl thinks value creation.
Given the changing needs of the B2B businesses in Canada, US and beyond owing to the rapidly shifting customer behavior, the need for being able and provide maximum customer experience, the SMEs are being challenged and pressed for reinventing their value proposition to remain meaningful and relevant to their audiences.

RAYL helps SMEs in digitally transform their business, to manage processes online from invoicing to inventory management, from sales to marketing, from HR to expense management. We have created two interoperable and interconnected product bundles, RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.Apptive Pro offering 20 different modules to increase productivity.
Our current productivity-increase toolset users and those who are planning to switch from the system they are currently using, are invited to work join RAYL.Community. As a member, you'll be able to join events, meetups and discussions and will be invited to connect with fellow members to grow their business by taking the services offered by other members.

We are working hard to launch RAYL.Pay, a merchant payment platform to manage payments without any commercial compromise or technology weak links. In the last phase of our platform development, we are going to launch RAYL.Financial to offer financial services to increase the competitiveness of our solopreneur, micro merchant, and SME users.

To date, funding has been done via crowdfunding to allow everyone to participate. Recently, we have acquired subsequent funding that allows us to get closer to our ultimate goal to prepare and/or launch products as we go public on the Canadian TSXventure Exchange in H2 2022.
What are the customer metrics for 2022?

We set ambitious targets for 2022: transform the way thousands of SME in Canada manage their businesses. By bringing an integrated ERP for SMEs to market in the form of “Software-as-a-Service” we aim at improving the competitive position of the backbone of the economy, the SMEs.

We’ll consider 2022 successful if we are able to meet the following customer metrics:

Onboarded 20,000 merchants through organic sales and potentially through ISO acquisitions
45% of customers will use more than one service out of the portfolio
75% Apptive users upgrading to Apptive.Pro in the first year of subscribing
Q4 2022
Churn will be less than 10% on RAYL.Apptive/RAYL.Apptive Pro
Q1 2023

Furthermore, we aim to achieve that on “Trust Pilot” or other Industry qualitative benchmark tracker, RAYL will achieve a 75% or more highly satisfied rating. Through independent validation receive unprompted awareness of 45% as the most trusted and transparent merchant payment platform in Canada.

Financial Metrics

The Company’s financial performance is equally important, though owing to our scale up plans, financial metrics in Y1 are not the most critical ones to watch.

Net Profit

To achieve the Y1 revenue target, we need to onboard 4,000 customers with a bias of 75% subscribing to RAYL.ApptivePro with circa 300 customers onboarding per month ramping from 150 in the initial quarter. These customers need to also spend CDN$1,500.00 on services such as directories, advertorial, managed services via the RAYL.Community.

People Metrics

On an industry wide basis in Canada using Glass Door or other Industry qualitative benchmark tracker, RAYL will achieve 75% or more highly satisfied rating as a desired place to work, with the company losing no more than 2% per of its work force and hire 90% of desired staff.