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Learn about the important milestones we have achieved as we are innovating FinTech, SaaS solutions, and Community tools for SMEs.

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Product Portfolio Metrics
The RAYL Team has proudly developed multiple products and services to support you, solopreneurs, micro merchants and SME's.

Our aim is to help you transform the way you manage your business: in the era of digital it requires not only new tools, but a mindset-shift to embrace and use innovative approaches.

We in RAYL develop tools and solutions to make you even more competitive.

The cloud-based ERP system we designed for SMEs" to manage your business online and achieve significant productivity increase is ready and available. The RAYL.Community is awaiting your application and is open to your active participation.

We are working hard to launch RAYL.Pay, an innovative merchant payment platform and RAYL.Financial, a set of products and incomparable services that will allow you to take real control of your capital requirements.
launched 14 interoperable productivity tools in Q2 2021
added 6 a sales and marketing modules to make the SaaS platform a SuperApp (launched in Q1, 2022)
launched RAYL.Market, RAYL Business Network, RAYL Chat (launched in 2021)
fully defined, ready for beta testing
Q1 2022