Manage Your Entire Business With RAYL.Apptive

The Super App with a Solution for Every Facet of Your Business

The RAYL.Apptive and ApptivePro management suite consolidates all your disparate tools, data sources, logins and subscriptions into 1 intelligent, enterprise-class solution that creates synergy, not silos. Potentially saving you thousands of $ per year on numerous different subscriptions. It will certainly save you a lot of time as its interoperable design allows your data to be entered once and cascaded down through all the applications that need the information.

RAYL Software on devices

See How Many Ways Apptive Can Take Your Business to the
Next Level

Website & Commerce
Easily create & promote your online presence
  • Build
  • Popup eStore
  • Forums
  • Promote
  • Line Tracker
  • Virtual Events
CRM, Sales & Marketing
Increase and strengthen customer relationships
  • CRM
  • Pipeline
  • Subscriptions
  • Sales Teams & Automations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Automation
Operations & Staff
Manage all aspects of ops and people
  • HR
  • Timesheets
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • HelpDesk
  • eDocs
Bookkeeping & Banking
Track and automate all financial responsibilities
  • Banking
  • Expenses
  • Reporting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Purchasing
  • Automated Reconciliation
Secure, one-touch video meetings and more
  • Video Meets
  • Group Chat
  • Translation
  • VoIP
  • Private Chat
  • Telecon
Big Data
Manage data sources and reporting
  • Data Tools
  • Imports
  • Connections
  • Analytics
  • Dashboards


Access your Apptive Super Powers Now for
1 Low Monthly Price and No Contract.

Which monthly license is right for you?

Included with each user license:
Website & Commerce Pack
CRM, Sales & Marketing Pack
Operations & Staff Pack
Bookkeeping & Banking Pack
Communications Pack
Big Data Pack
Integration with RAYL Super Platform
Secure Cloud Data Storage
Executive Network Community
Lead Management Ecosystem
*Subscription price is per company per month plus data storage. Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.
**Subscription price is per upgraded user(s) per month.
Data Storage: >2GB will be charged $0.024/GB/month

Consider Upgrading to a PRO License

  • Power Up to a World-Class PRO License to Gain:
    • Lead Management Ecosystem Module
    • Executive Networking Community Module

Lead Management Ecosystem.
Leads are generated and posted directly to your RAYL.ApptivePro account and cascade down through Apptive’s CRM and Contacts. This data can be pushed back up to your Campaigns and ultimately to an invoice and appear in your RAYL.Financial account. Track prospects into closed opportunities and sales revenue by customer and referral partner so you can focus where the water is flowing fastest.

Executive Networking Community.
Underpinning RAYL.ApptivePro is a growing number of Executive Chapters across Canada and ultimately expanding Globally. Membership of RAYL.ApptivePro allows you to join as many of these Chapters are relevant to your geography, business type or target audiences.

Add the Pro License for just CAD$40/month more when you sign up now.


RAYL Community

Once you have joined RAYL.ApptivePro, your professional life opens a whole new World of networking, education and lead generation possibilities. With just a click, LeadShare lets you share referrals, prospects and more with contacts in your Network. Explore the links below to expand your business horizons – all with ApptivePro membership benefits.

Streamed Global business content from around the world and around the corner
Directory listings and storefronts to present your product and service offering to the world
A vision to host geographic and market-oriented events - watch this space for new events.
People just like you or your prospects joining together to share ideas, contacts, opportunities, and leads.


Transform your business

Stop managing with one arm tied behind your back.

Today, you’re using disparate, specialized business apps from different providers with your data and intel trapped in silos.

Have you added up all those monthly or annual fees? How many logins and contracts do you manage? How much time are you blowing in areas you don’t have time for?

RAYL.Apptive and ApptivePro give you...

  • A complete, enterprise-class business suite
  • One interoperable platform
  • Ease of use
  • Current data sources are uploaded and integrated
  • Loads of automated functions to save time
  • Secure, cloud-based, reliable, anywhere access 24/7
  • Use any device with a browser
  • Free upgrades within RAYL.Apptive
  • Free support
  • One login to manage
  • One low monthly Company subscription
  • No contracts to worry about
  • All the power an SME or retail merchant can wish for