by RAYL Business Solutions

Automate. Manage your business online.
Transforming the way you manage your business will set you up for success! It has never been easier than with RAYL.Apptive.   
RAYL.Apptive is the product bundle of 14 modules designed to help you tackle every facet of your operation at the foundational level.

RAYL.ApptivePro is the upgrade product bundle of additional 6 apps that address the outward-looking activities a typical business performs.

These two bundles make up the RAYL SuperApp which we offer you as a Software-as-a-Service. This means that you do not need to invest capital into purchasing or developing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your organization. Simply pay a small monthly subscription fee and gain commitment-free access to the cloud-based modules and start managing your business online.

Signing up for RAYL.Apptive is the first step to consolidate all data into an Enterprise-Class solution.

RAYL.ApptivePro is designed for SMEs with 1-1000+ employees.
RAYL Empowers you to transform the way you manage your business
RAYL empowers you to be ahead of the curve, makes you save on business management costs, sell more, and grow your revenue. 

Enterprises, small or large, cannot afford manual ways of business management any longer. In today’s complex world, when your customers’ needs are changing you need to upgrade the way you serve them.,  

The way to provide value faster in a sustainable way is through managing your business online. This is the first step in digital transformation, enabled by RAYL. This is your winning business management strategy.
What is included in the RAYL.Apptive product bundle?  

14 interoperable modules of the RAYL SuperApp.

As a subscriber, you'll get access to the following 14 productivity modules:
Why is interoperability important?
RAYL’s interoperable design allows your data to be entered once and cascaded down through all the applications that need the information. 

Why would you have anything else, when you can consolidate and unify your data sources and business functions into one intelligent system.
Today, you’re probably either using disparate, specialized business apps from different providers with your data and intel put in silos. 

You might just be thinking about a breakthrough idea to transform your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Have you added up all those monthly or annual fees you are paying for your disparate digital solutions? How many logins and contracts do you manage? How much time are you blowing in areas you don’t have time for? 

RAYL solves it for you.
What are the imminent benefits?
Managing your business online lets you and your colleagues work from anywhere. Coworking and remote working become the new normal.  

You will always have secure access to your data and all business capabilities at your fingertips. 
Using one integrated and interoperable system gives you a relaxed freedom: simplicity, speed, agility are just a few examples of the multiple level gains you will enjoy.
What is my commitment?
RAYL.Apptive is a SaaS (Software-as-Service) with no commitment. Get full refund in 30 days. Cancel any time.
What else will be my benefit?
You will save cost and time. You will re-gain freedom and control over your business.
Can I unlock more value?
Upgrade or subscribe to RAYL.ApptivePro to unlock even more benefits!