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Growth Platform for
Small Businesses

The RAYL.SuperApp democratizes Enterprise Management and makes integrated cloud-based tools available for solopreneurs, micro-merchants, and small businesses. Bundled as RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.ApptivePro, we offer an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system designed specifically for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

The 14 easy-to-use productivity improvement modules and the 6 customer facing apps will allow you manage your business online. The 20 applications in the bundle SuperApp pave the way for digital transformation too.

The value we create in a RAYL Subscription is improved teamwork, increased collaborative productivity, speed and agility. Your business management costs will also be lowered. Furthermore, the data that you'll be able to capture will yield useful insights that will help you make better decisions.

What will be the Return on Investment (ROI)? Improved customer retention rates, faster go-to-market, more sales, and higher margins.
Payment & Financial Solutions
We will empower you!

Join the next-level Payment Processing Platform for merchants and leverage the financial services we will offer to you. When ready, through RAYL.Pay and RAYL.Financing we will offer you big savings on payment processing. You will pay Cost + Zero markup, and will have access to same-day financing.

Enabled by big data processing, your loan application will be approved in minutes, significantly increasing your competitiveness.

The RAYL Community
We link you with other businesses!
Enjoy being a member of RAYL.Community, a vibrant ecosystem of supportive, business-minded fellow RAYL-ers. Showcase your products and services, share business leads or source them on RAYL.Market! Sell on RAYLmarket.com. Discuss topics of interest or become an influencer in the RAYL Business Network. Alternatively, simply share your thoughts on RAYL.Chat! It is all there for you to discover!
How does RAYL create value for you?

We blend technology with a human touch. What does that mean? We not only focus on the technological aspects, data, and productivity increase considerations, but also how to engage the individual business owner.

The cloud-based RAYL ERP solution will assist you to control 3 major business functions:
1) Operations
2) Payments
3) Capital. 

We help simplify your administrative back-end processes resulting in savings on time and resources.

By giving you tools that will help you manage your business online, we will support you in becoming more competitive in the era of digital.

We are about to launch RAYL.Pay, followed by RAYL.Financial - products and services that will allow you to take real control of the payments you collect and manage your capital requirements.

Data & intelligence will be integrated across the platform in real-time and become useful in multiple modules inside RAYL. You will not need multiple systems but one that is integrated. RAYL.

The human touch: RAYL.Community awaits you! You will not just get digital tools and solutions, but will be are invited to join the RAYL.Community. Members can talk, share, meet, reflect, react, give support to others or get support within the RAYL.Community.

The value we create to the same audience, the three pillars, Business Solutions, Financial Solutions, and Community Solutions will set us apart from others in the market.

The RAYL Ecosystem?

We are a strong believer of the notion that besides competition there is co-opetition, that is cooperation among competing partners.

The RAYL Ecosystem gathers like-minded business people, who, if they cooperate, can provide incremental value to their customers. Who, if they leverage what we offer to them and help the members of the RAYL.Community to thrive, they themselves will thrive too.

One engagement.
One integrated and interoperable system.
One philosophy.
One community.
One ecosystem.
Welcome to the World of RAYL!