Subscription &
Membership Plans

RAYL.Apptive and RAYL.ApptivePro

Transform the way how you do business! Make the most of the SuperApp offering productivity increase tools and new ways of connecting with new businesses and partners! Use RAYL's cloud-based, integrated and interoperable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution!

Compare the SaaS Subscription Plans!
RAYL.Apptive $19.95 / month (10 seats)* - 14 productivity increase modules
• Discuss
• Calendar
• Contacts
• Sales
• Website
• Purchase
• Inventory
• Invoicing
• Project
• Surveys
• Employees
• Time-Off
• Expenses
RAYL.ApptivePro $59.95 / month* - 14 + 6 modules: the SuperApp
• eLearning
• Amazon Connector
• My Appointments
• Social Media (Lite)
• Video Conferencing
• Marketing Automation (Email Marketing)


a)    The Subscription Fee for RAYL.Apptive is per 10 seats per company per month plus data storage.
b)    The Subscription Fee for RAYL.ApptivePro is per user per month.
c)    Data Storage: FREE below 2GB. CAD $0.024/GB/month will be charged above 2GB
d)    Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars.
e)    The Social Media Module full version will be available soon.


Join the fast-growing RAYL.Market, the B2B ecosystem of RAYL Business Solution to sell more or source top business deals! RAYL.Market is designed specifically for solopreneurs, micro merchants and SMEs! It is designed for you!

Enjoy the entry-level feature set

Get listed today to unlock value:

  • Tier 3 in Search Results
  • List in 1 Category
  • Single Image Upload
  • Basic Details on Profile
  • Google Map ID
  • Rayl Market Newsletter
BASIC - $9.95/month
10 = 12 PAY $99.50 AND GET 2 MONTHS FOR FREE!*

On top of the FREE Plan features:

  • Tier 3 in Search Results
  • Listed in 1 Main and 2 Sub Categories
  • Receive DirectInquiries from Profile
  • Logo/Profile upload
  • Display Website Link
  • Display Phone Number
  • Display Customer Review
Basic $19.95
10 = 12 PAY $169.50 AND GET 2 MONTHS FOR FREE!*

On top of the FREE Plan features You will get:

  • Tier in 2 Search Results
  • Listed in 1 main and 2 Sub Categories
  • Listing direct inquiries from Profiles
  • Logo/Profile upload
  • Display website link
  • Display Phone Number
  • Display Customer Review
market partner $59.95
10 = 12 Pay $559.50 and get 2 months for free!*

On top of the FREE and Basic Plan features enjoy full access:

  • Tier 1 in Search Results
  • Listed in 1 main and up to 9 Sub Categories
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Access to the Sell Digital Products Option
  • Video Upload (Vimeo & YouTube)
  • Publish Events, Videos, Articles & Blogs
  • Complete "About You" Section
  • Access to the RAYL SuperApp: 14 productivity Apps + 6 sales and marketing Apps that help you transform the way you manage your business and save time for for you to spend on what really matters

- The prices are in CAD per month.
- Surcharges may apply. Please check the detailed Terms and Conditions on RAYL.Market before subscribing.


Whether brick and mortar or ecommerce, RAYL.Pay will authorize payments, handle currencies, detect fraud, bill subscriptions and cross-channels, and more.

With RAYL, you will pay Cost plus $0 Markup fees, when the service is available in H1-2022.

RAYL.Chat, RAYL Business Network

Register for RAYL.Chat, a chat platform for SMEs for FREE.

Become a RAYL Business Network (RBN) member. Leverage geting connected with people in business, related to your industry, and many others from different industries to find and share business development leads. Your Market Partner Program or RAYL.ApptivePro subscription offers you RAYL Business Network Membership instantly.