The RAYL SuperApp
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RAYL.Apptive & RAYL.ApptivePro
Take all the benefits brought to you by the newly released bundles of the RAYL SuperApp:
RAYL.Apptive & RAYL.ApptivePro

Browse the module descriptions to leverage cloud-based ERP system developed specifically for solopreneurs, micro merchants and SMEs.   
Increase productivity, streamline processes and get connect with like-minded RAYL community members using the value offered by the RAYL Business Solutions Ecosystem!  

We help you digitally transform your internal processes and the way you interact with your business partners and prospects.

We equip you with all you need to achieve more with less resources!
Business solutions  
The RAYL SuperApp brings you all you need to manage your business online.
Digital is here to stay! Embrace it!
Digital Adoption is a must!
Automate your sales process!

Start with a lean quotation structure! Once you ready, send it off from the system, make your own notes or schedule a follow up activity! Once the quotation is confirmed by the customer, it becomes a sales order. You will be able to create an invoice and collect the payment.

Set product categories, price lists, discounts, payment and shipping info and much more! Are you managing a sales team? Develop accounts together with your sales representation. Use the filter functionality to learn how your seals team is performing versus the assigned targets. Check your sales revenues and sort them by different criteria (salesman, partner, product, etc.) Perform analysis on sales not invoiced yet. 

Make predictions! Make data-based sales decisions!

Leverage the cloud-based infrastructure and manage sales from anywhere!
Long gone are the days, when the good old tools were sufficient to generate leads and follow them up to convert them to sales. RAYL’s CRM module gives empowers the SMEs to compete large organizations, when it comes to the management of hundreds of leads and customers.

Generate / manage leads by country, by industry, etc. by assigning them to a Sales team member. View the sales pipeline. Have insightful conversations with your team members and prepare for production or service delivery well in advance, as the lead nears to conversion shorten your sales-delivery cycle!

Follow up your and your Sale’s team activity and success every day!

Create and share dynamic and customizable reports on Sales probability, days to close, expected revenue or using other variables.

Generate insights using the customer database. Assess risk, discover opportunities! Establish a culture of co-working in your business and let everyone upload relevant information in the customer profile, be it financial, payment, operational or new business related! Develop account plans to provide the most value to your specifically defined group of clients or ones in the same industry vertical.

Stay in touch with your contact with your prospects, customers or partners by sending e-mails or text messages directly from the CRM module!

Here is when things are becoming efficient and agile!
RAYL’s solution is scalable for SMEs of any size.

Start with reviewing the Receipts and the inventory orders to process. Allocate your colleagues to perform the most needed tasks to expediate deliveries ASAP. Become agile in inventory and relating management.

Gain a general overview of your inventory level! Sort and filter as required! Generate the inventory reporting in the format you require. Make inventory forecasts! Keep an eye on the Inventory valuation. Use valuation layers when some product moves should impact the valuation of the stock.

Follow product moves! Trace a specific product through inventory operations. You can filter on the product to see all the past movements.

Do you have multiple inventory categories or locations? Transfers allow you to move products from one location to another. Manage your warehouses centrally!

Want to speed up your inventory counts A barcode scanner can be activated via inventory settings. Manual inventory adjustments can also be performed and pre-filled with suggested counted quantity

The stock will be reserved for operations waiting for availability and there ordering rules will be triggered. Scrapping a product will remove it from your stock. The product will end up in a scrap location that can be used for reporting purpose
The dream of every business owner and CFO: an up-to-date, accurate financial snapshot in any given moment!

Be in the know!

With the incorporation of the Invoicing module in RAYL’s SuperApp, we let you take the adequate, data-based short or long term financial or business management decisions.

Gain a financial overview by checking the customizable Dashboard: customer invoices, vendor bills, miscellaneous operations, bank and cash transactions at a glance!

Management reports are no longer the privilege of Enterprise size businesses! Have an overview of the amount invoiced to your customers. Use the search and filter tools to personalise your Invoices reports and so, match the analysis to your needs.

Say good-bye to printed sheets! Create dynamic reports! Use the RAYL SuperApp, the ERP system for SMEs.
The future is about teamwork. The future is about hybrid way of working. Ensure that everyone is up to speed, no matter where they choose to work from!

Engage with fellow SuperApp users in your organization! Chat with general or private channel members in a pop-up window, while working in the RAYL SuperApp or anything else on your desktop or laptop.

Discuss respect others’ inboxes and lets short info to move quickly in the organization. Personalizing and specifying who gets them and when is a moral boosting technique as it eliminates e-mail fatigue.

Set notifications and mark messages according to their importance that are triggered by an action in another module of the RAYL SuperApp. Make a leap in your organization’s communication practices for improved efficiency!
The next level of integrated business management has arrived!

The calendar is shared between employees and fully integrated with other applications such as the employee leaves or the business opportunities.
The real value that calendar offers is in integration! Select an action type (do to, meeting, etc.) on another module (e.g. Contacts) and schedule a task/event directly from that App.

Alternatively, filter a customer in the Sales module, while talking to the customer or your sales team member and review all past and future interactions (visits, webinars, online meetings).

Realize, how much time the integration, simplicity and the interoperability has freed up for you! Do you need anything else then the precisions free time – knowing that things are done!
It is a wonderful feature to make your life easy!

Make the first step to gain back control over your time. You will never regret using RAYL’s Appointment scheduling tool.

‍Set your availability for meetings webinars or calls the way you want it and let your partners, business customers or service providers schedule the appointment with you for themselves.

It is simple!

Embed your meeting links below your auto signature in your e-mail or on your website, or even, through social media let your clients pick the most suitable time slot from what you offered!

Eliminate exchange of e-mails, calls or text messages! Save time!

Empower your business partners to control and harmonize their time with yours too!
Have you ever calculated how many frustrating hours went by in the past year due to not knowing who is working and who is on leave? How to harmonize working schedules at around bank holidays? How to best administer leave day allocations and days taken?
Have no more frustration!

Digitize the way how time off is managed! Use Time off in RAYL’s integrated SuperApp! Time Off Officers/Managers allocate time off days to employees, who, by just a few clicks, can request leave days from their allocations.

Managers/Leave Officers can approve or reject leave days, thereby can manage business continuity even in peak sales periods. Set up time off types and the key rules for an efficient automation! Manage your own, your department’s or the time off of your entire business – irrespective of the physical distance between your business locations by just a few clicks!

When it comes to reporting simplicity prevails!

Create reports or analysis by employee by leave type or by using the custom filter option. Pass the data on to the accounting or HR department by a click of a button! Simple, is not it?
Co-working does not only mean creative coworking with suppliers or business partners, but cooperation with your colleagues to help them achieve their goals. Submitting management or statutory in time or enabling the management or the business owners to make the required financial decisions is equally important form the success of an organization.

The Expenses module in the RALY SuperApp helps you lower the administrative burden.

Be you a team leader who needs to stay within the budget, or a sales person on the go or in your home office, the Expense module has something to offer!

Digitally transform the process of expense management from submission to approval, account classification as far as passing the documents on to accounting.

Create reports! Filter items by department, by expense type employee or date range, as required.

Utilize the function of expense reports that regroups all the expenses incurred during a specific event. Flag items of irregularity for subsequent check!

Maximize compliance and the cleanness of reports! Optimize your processes and save costs!
Did you know that visualization in (agile) project management increases understanding, the level of commitment, transparency and trust?

Manage work at a personal or organizational level in RAYL’s Projects module to achieve your goals within budget on the agreed quality and, in time.
Manage projects using a “Kanban board”, an agile project management tool, designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency.

Create projects, break them down into tasks, assign responsibles and deadlines. Group actions by stage, assignee, or any custom criteria that you set up. Filter tasks by status, stage, or milestone. With RAYL’s Project module, meeting deadlines, mobilizing resources, and involving the most appropriate talent becomes easy.

Utilize the integration offered by the RAYL SuperApp: you can schedule action item related calls meetings, webinars, workshops directly from your Projects, as they are integrated with Contacts and your Calendar.

What else do you need to be productive?
Knowledge transfer is key in today’s interconnected world.

Thanks to the integration in the RAYL SuperApp, you can send invites, instructions in an e-mail directly to your leads, prospects, customers or a pre-defined mailing list from your CRM.

Once you have uploaded your content to or created it in the E-learning module, design the training program curriculum. Filter the view or group the courses using pre-set or custom variables. Group courses into categories for a sleek overview.

Add quizzes at the end of your lessons to evaluate what your students understood. Get, view and sort participant feedback/rating for future content or delivery improvement. Ask for reviews or engage with your audience using quizzes.

And the use cases?

E-learning provides excellent opportunities for trainers, coaches, institutions, organizations, and businesses for monetizing learning and development. E-learning is perfectly adequate for non-profit organizations, and businesses to reach out to their fragmented colleagues, employees and affiliates or supporters, be a training course about induction, upskilling or reskilling.

The opportunities are limitless, the interoperability induced benefits are incomparable.
Gather data analyze answers and gain insights. Make evidence-based business decisions. You can create surveys for different purposes: customer opinion, services feedback, recruitment interviews, employee's periodical evaluations, marketing campaigns, evaluate training results, etc.

Creating your survey is easy: add a question, select the answer type, group questions, if you feel appropriate, select the addressees from Contacts and mail the survey directly from the App. You can easily manage multiple surveys sing the customizable “Kanban board” visualizing their status.

Run live sessions and immediately benefit from the results using the auto generated link in the Survey module.

Use the build-in analysis tool to analyze the results revealing insights, which you might not have expected. The archive function lets you save the survey and/or the results to use or compare them with a repeated survey to track progress.
E-commerce is on the rise. customer expectations are changing. Are you ready to make the leap to sell to new markets?

We have a solution for you: Connect your back-office powered by the RAYL SuperApp and start selling on Amazon!

The Amazon Connector let’s you synchronize your Amazon orders and manage deliveries from all-in-one place, thanks to the integration of Purchases, Sales, Inventory and invoicing. Use Surveys to assess customer satisfaction or e-learning to train your new staff or ecosystem service partners to ground the minor adjustments you may have to make when scaling up.

As you see, it all starts with a connection…