How do
we compare?

RAYL thinks Ecosystem.
Whether you are a solopreneur, a micro merchant, or a small and medium enterprise (SME) business owner, we offer something to you. To combat the challenges of upheavals, turbulences, and changing buying behavior, we give you tools and solutions to lower your costs, increase business productivity and efficiency, grow your sales and scale-up.

We give you secure, cloud-based solutions to manage your business online.

We have built a business community for you to enable you to mix with like-minded RAYL-ers. The RAYL Ecosystem we are creating will help you leverage the power of the RAYL.Community.

The Payment and Financial Solutions (RAYL.Pay and RAYL.Financial), which we are bringing to market soon are aimed at lowering the financial costs of your operation and increaseing your chances to get access to immediate financing.

We will empower you to achieve more with fewer resources.

Why choose us?   
Do the interconnected and interoperable RAYL SuperApp modules offer you more than the similar products available in the market?

We are confident that the answer is "yes".
What makes RAYL superior is that data & intelligence are integrated across the platform in real time, i.e. data is collected in one place, becomes useful in multiple places inside RAYL.

This in itself saves costs and time for you!
Data and insights  

This is the system we are building. We put data and insights into the focus.

On a “permission based” relationship, RAYL will put the data to work to increase productivity and let you to use the data insights provided for a more agile decision making.

We give you tools to manage your business online. With the implied mindset change, we empower you to start the digital transformation of your business.

Digital transformation means changing the processes and procedures and digitizing whatever can be digitalized for improved efficiency and lower costs.

Digital transformation also means transforming the way you create and capture value. It refers to an upgraded or significantly distinct value proposition to your customers.

Digital transformation means that the decisions you make are data, insight, and evidence-based and are made faster.

This will put you ahead of the curve.

On top of that…  
We will not only address your business management, growth and scale up needs, but will address your payment related and financial needs. We are a one stop shop.
We will do payment processing. Just like anybody else. However, with us, you, the merchants will pay „Cost plus $0 Markup fees”. What a massive saving you could achieve on your part? 

The „Same day funding” feature will let your credit card sales be credited to your bank account almost instantly. We will truly let you control your cash flow. 

When available, using the „ZeroDelay” offering, we will ultimately cut down on your approvals from several days to just minutes.
This is the incomparable RAYL.
Why would you have anything else, when you get overall business support in one go?